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Welcome to Free-Programming-Books!

We welcome new contributors; even those making their very first Pull Request (PR) on GitHub. If you’re one of those, here are some resources that might help:

Don’t hesitate to ask questions; every contributor started with a first PR. So… why not join our large, growing community.

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Even if you’re an experienced open source contributor, there are things that might trip you up. Once you’ve submitted your PR, GitHub Actions will run a linter, often finding little issues with spacing or alphabetization. If you get a green button, everything is ready for review; but if not, click “Details” under the check that failed to find out what the linter didn’t like, and fix the problem adding a new commit to the branch from which your PR was opened.

Finally, if you’re not sure that the resource you want to add is appropriate for Free-Programming-Books, read through the guidelines in CONTRIBUTING (translations also available).